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Ok we got 2.4 2 days ago, after an unacceptable 3 weeks delay.

2.5 has just been released. Hope this time we won't have to wait 3 weeks.

If it is so, next time I open a support ticket right away.
Do it. And bug them to release the complete DLC packs in the actual version for ALL languages.

Currently v2.41 is available only for the english version.. bollocks
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Waow, we got the patch in 1 week.
There is "some" improvement.
Is anyone else getting errors about PHC assets when you launch 2.50.? I have three dialog boxes that pop up while loading each is an error about missing something or other. I can't seem to get it to play. I've installed fresh and gone through it several times.
Just ran the tutorial, no issue.
I suggest you post on the support forum of the game and be more specific on your issue(s).