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itworks123: 8-bit armies multiplayer is cross-compatible between gog and steam:

Why can't this game do it?
Matruchus: Simple. Petroglyph is running 8-bit Armies on their own servers/third party servers for both Steam/gog users while Stardock is using gog servers/software for gog users and Steam servers and software for Steam players. Its just that Stardock is not prepared to invest in their own server infrastructure at this moment and the reason why there is no Crossplay. To note is that both studios are very small just Petroglyph is much more community oriented and prepared to implement community recommendations/demands, while Stardock is all about cash grabbing.
Ive always found steam to be pure capitalism incarnate any actions has 1 simple origin to make money, and they seem to aim for the long term empire building with monopoly rather than quick return.
Stardock on the other hand actually given me some good games, sure they mess up occasionally and sometimes get little greedy for the quick right now cash.
Anyhow this fuck up of no cross platform is typical steam, they are willing to sink this small game intentionally for the bigger long term monopoly building gain.
Id say its 99% steam choice to not giving us the players the best experience they could for their own gain.

Anyhow my opinion is that the origin of this is clearly steam they are the perpetrator and stardock and us users are the victims while gogs role is irrelevant as they are the weaker party to steam in this case.

TLDR: follow the money
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Actually, the problem is more nuanced.

Stardock is already using GoG servers, so they could instead have gone exclusively for GoG servers, since GoG actually offers cross-play with steam games on GoG servers.

It's purely a choice from Stardock and it looks like ranking, achievements and such is also platform specific.

So instead of having the same game, it's basically two seperate versions. As they themselves have compared it to PC vs Console, it's just the way they want to run it.
I own Ashes Of The Singularity on GOG, and actually purchased all 3 DLC packs less than 30 minutes ago.

It is very disappointing that Stardock has not made more of an effort to implement multi-player for our version of the game, but right now GOG has a Twitter following of 117,000 people, compared to the 10 million uses who log-in to Steam everyday. So it seems only logical that the developers and publishers would go where the money is.
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Its virtually impossible to get into a multiplayer game since everybody is playing in private lobbies on version of Ashes. As such you can forget multi-player if you just want one quick game. Tried getting in to game several times already. No chance. Until this gets cross connected with Steam player base its virtually non existent.
So when will this bad state be fixed ? Having two split Communities is Not a feature... i have a friend who owns it on steam.... whats the goal the want we to buy twice ?
JustAbotherMe: So when will this bad state be fixed ? Having two split Communities is Not a feature... i have a friend who owns it on steam.... whats the goal the want we to buy twice ?
Its actually split four ways now. Ashes of the Singularity and Escalation are two separate games now with separate multiplayer. Which makes it even worse for gog users.

This is where Uber Enterntainment knew how to do it better with Planetary Annihilation and Titans by allowing Titan players to play in vanilla Planetary Annihilation multiplayer games.
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