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Hi guys,

I'm restarting Arx, don't really remember most of it...
I'm just curious in general about trading and items that could be considered as a necessity.

I see that scrolls seem to have a high price, but I used "levitation" to found an corpse near the troll entrance, by the "river" that I don't think would be possible to reach in any other way...
I also see some items outside the outpost that may only be obtained with another levitation scroll...
Which scrolls should I keep / sell?

I also notice that repairing a weapon / armor with the blacksmith is very expensive, is it worth it? should I just use them and buy / obtain new ones?

I haven't use any potions and seem to have a good value? Would I need a cure / poison potion at some point? Should I sell them?

Any general advice in trading or keeping some "special" items?
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