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bingo44: I swear you can pick any game relased in the last 4 years and with the exeption of legend of grimrock and none of those games would have the charm and ambence of this game. I wish skyrim had the inventoy system and item interation of this game, I hope Hellraid isn't going to be just a hack and slah FPS even though we all know thats exactly what its gonna be.

If anyone knows a game similar to this aside from System shock 2 (or anything older then that) or Legend of grimrock please let me know
Have a look at Archangel (2002). It's available on Amazon

My original copy loads and plays fine on Win 7

1) They do not have Games for Windows Live system.
2) They are not on Steam.
3) They do not interest Blizzard.
4) They do not interest EA.
5) Graphics are not its strongest point.
6) It does not have DLCs.
7) It does not have preorder bonus.
8) It is a good, old, game.
9) Because making a game of exquisite quality, for people to play over one decade excessively, is neither good, nor profitable, business.
10) It requires talent and inspiration; modern people, have none. Especially since time and income pressures them, or their respective goals that loom over them ominously.
11) I doubt by now that you need more reasons than those.