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judging by the forum threads here, this game can safely be considered FUBAR even WITH the unofficial patch.

darnit...yet another several hours wasted downloading an old game no one can get stable enough to be considered reliably playable. oh and FYI, i just tried it myself and it crashed on the title screen. so yeah, that was just GREAT (sarcasm)! >.>

reminds me of Deus Ex 2.
Post edited May 03, 2016 by treos
Arx Fatalis is great and it seems a shame to miss out on the experience.

I've played this game several times over the years. Currently, I'm running it in Win 7 Compatibility mode on Win 10. It plays fine; no problems to date.

Did you choose a compatibility mode before you launched the game for the first time?

Detailing your specs might help others to assist you in getting the game to play.
Install Arx Libertatis:

It should work perfectly. If not report back :)