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I'm on the troll idol quest. I've stolen the key from Atok's pillow, poisoned the king's pie with wine, gotten into the throne room and opened up the room with the combination lock. So here are my two questions...

How can i sneak into the treasury room without being discovered.... every time i do, a guard finds out, comes into the room and knocks the sh!# out of me. i want to steal all the stuff without killing anyone. (currently my stealth is 51, if that helps).

and second and most important... the king isn't cooperating... i go and talk to him and all he says is that he's king. he never tells the guards to let me into the armory. no matter how many times i try to talk to him he just tells me to go away from that point onward. what am i doing wrong? am i just going to try and fight my way through this whole part of the game?

thanks in advance for your help.
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nevermind... figured it out.
I'm curious what you did to "figure it out."
fjdgshdkeavd: I'm curious what you did to "figure it out."
To break into the treasury, 'push' the guard into the door - that guard has the key and opens the door, and then when he walks away head on in and help yourself.

By push, I mean hold forward while the guard is between you and the door.

To find out where the skull is, you need to find the red chest and the key for it. Once the king has yelled at the guards on the toilet, then search the quartermaster's room for a key.
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fjdgshdkeavd: I'm curious what you did to "figure it out."
A bit of necro, but as DuckDuckGo linked to here:

It's not just the King - it's a series of interactions with him and Atok the Quartermaster (the guy from under whose pillow you found/stole a key.)

To wit: the king on the toilet wouldn't help so I talked to Atok who THEN said "I have nothing to hide." AND then the guard at the door told me that "Atok and the the King can authorize." And ONLY then did the King dialogue activate properly.

(BTW: the room doesn't say "reservation" since the door is, in fact, unmarked; but the room you need is the first on the eastside immediately past the main gate [where you entered the compound.])