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I've been trying to nail down this pattern for so long. Only managed to do it once and I don't know how I did it. It ends up being Aam or Mortis all the time.

Any tips? Mods? Fixes? Anything?

I'm using the latest Arx Libertatis, of course.
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Try enabling VSync if it's not turned on already - unfortunately the rune recognition is still frame rate dependent and gets pretty bad with very high FPS.
dscharrer: Try enabling VSync if it's not turned on already - unfortunately the rune recognition is still frame rate dependent and gets pretty bad with very high FPS.
Will try this, thanks for the tip!
It didn't help, but I found out that being quick and persistent helps. Also that exaggerating the symbols a little bit might help.
I don't remember having any excessive problems drawing runes, though I use a lot of mouse gestures in the browser so may be more used to it than others.

I'd suggest first making certain you have the right idea about what's expected for any rune, what it looks like. I say this because I remember watching a playthrough of it once and the person had a lot of trouble with some runes, one in particular for ages and it was because they had the wrong idea of what it was meant to be.

Just to be sure here's what Cosum should look like, if you have mouse gestures in your browser you can even open a larger image and trace over it for practice.

Some parts of the gesture don't seem to matter, for example with Cosum if you make the little tails much longer / or the box much smaller (relatively) it should still work if I remember right. You can eventually learn the little behind the scene rules if you pay attention to when runes fail, that will help when you think you've made a mistake but it's actually still possible to continue casting a spell successfully.

I think the problem most have with drawing the runes is it's quite strict on the straight lines (be they horizontal, vertical or diagonal etc). If what's meant to be a straight line has a curve or tail it's not going to work, even a very long straight line with the tiniest of tails could turn Aam into Morte. That said you might find it easier drawing short lines resulting in smaller runes, the longer you draw a line the more chance of you curving off etc, and the size of the rune doesn't matter (within reason).

Less relevant but something I found handy, was instead of trying to always draw spells runes ontop of eachother, simply start the next rune where the last ended. It can make things quicker and sometimes easier to remember.

For example I still remember drawing Fireball like this, except of course with small breaks in the line at the right spot.
There are only a couple of runes I ever have trouble with. Cosum is one of them. It never ends up being a different rune for me, but it sometimes takes a few tries to nail it. It's probably going to be hard to help anyone else, because I think any difficulties will come down to simple gesture patterns. I doubt any two people do it exactly the same way.

I also have a trackball, and I'm sure that makes things a bit different from using a mouse.

My only tips would be to try and draw straight lines straight, and if they're supposed to be horizontal or vertical, make sure they're horizontal or vertical (as Grogger mentioned). Sometimes it's easier to draw the runes small instead of large because there's less chance for deviation that way. Practice, too.
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