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I seem to have a bug with the teleporter on Level 3. When I activate it, the white cone rises but the gates to the different zones don't show up, so I effectively can't use this teleporter at all. Any idea how to fix this?
I'd suggest returning to the City of Arx and seeing if the gateway to Level 3 (Goblin area) has lit there. If it has, try entering it and see what happens.

If it takes you to Level 3 and the teleporter is then lit as it should be, it's probably just a glitch.

Let me know how you get on.
I just tried and basically the only teleporter that works is from Lunshire's castle to city of Arx. Can't teleport to anywhere from city of Arx... Really sucks.
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It sounds to me as if your game might be corrupted. Personally, I would uninstall then reinstall the game and then see how it played.

However, someone else here might have a better idea of exactly the problem you're facing.
Do you have a save file before trying to activate the reporter? I'd like to look into why it's not working.

Also, it would be cool if you could try the latest AL development snapshot from