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So I'm reading everywhere that I need high intuition to see hidden switches and the like.

My question is: how high does it need to be? At the moment it is around 40(?) but I'm not seeing any change. I've found some hidden switches by accident and they are not marked in any way...
As high as to visit a good walkthrough. You see on map whatever is hidden lies... No, i am not trolling! Some secret levers for example, do not even work! So you are going to being wasting good, useful, skill points, on a skill you do not need!
While Intuition is nicely handled in Arx, making secret buttons etc. actually more visible to you, you don't really need it if you're patient and thorough enough. For impatient or unobservant players, it can be helpful, though. But there are many other more versatile skills who need the points, so Intuition is no bargain.

Also, you can find two rings of greater intuition for 2x +10% = +20% intuition in the course of the game. That's 20% of your base intuition though, so the higher it is, the more the rings enhance it.

(I know it's an old thread, this is for anyone not just the original poster.)