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Cooler3546: Another game bought, another game I can't play because for god knows what reason it runs on my core i5 geforce310 like im using a 2mb integrated card from 15 years ago. I have the EXACT SAME PROBLEM with Gothic 2. It is extremely frustrating because when these games were new I had a total shit Celeron 400MHz, and THEY RAN ABOUT THE SAME ON THAT AS THEY DO ON MY PC NOW.

What am I to do? I'm pretty savvy but I'm no computer scientist. I don't see why I should pay six dollars for this game, and then have to spend hours of MY time making it work properly. The whole reason I spent six dollars instead of JUST PIRATING THE DAMN THING was because i expected it to WORK!
Please send our Support staff an email describing the issue you are having with the game in detail. Make sure to include a DxDiag file with your email and we'll do our best to help you out as quickly as possible. Thank you.