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Incredible, I wonder what they were hiding from. It's awesome that such places exist, and that we have no clue why.
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Very neat. Thank you for the share!
First of all, "Turkey" exists after the byzantine era, and the conquering of these areas. Cappadocia, as the name betrays clearly, is a greek one. This area once upon a time, was greek. It is an area famous for its hard climate, religious structures (the video mentioned that much), and even today, some of them are visited either out of archaeological, or of religious interest, by some people. Also, in cappadocia, there had been many monks/hermits, who used to dwell in caves, rocks and natural or constructed tunnels.

It is only natural, when the people, their lives and livestock were threatened by the barbaric invaders and their onslaught (byzantine era, ottoman expansion), to seek refuge underground. Hitting two birds with one stone, eliminating the hazardous climate in the process. No army would scatter in the multitude of underground tunnels, if they were capable enough to spot them, on the first place. It is common knowledge that the first christians were hiding in underground crypts and catacombs, to evade persecution and execution from the romans. There was no reason for later ones to not mimic that pattern. (quote: "the world as we know it, nears its end, yet the past remains the key to the future".)

History has a strange way of repeating itself, though, and those who are oblivious to it, or know it partialy and messy, get confused and confuse others needlessly. In the video, it clearly says these passages were thousands of years old. Think of 3 civilizations with history spanning from even before 4.000 B.C. Egyptians, chinese, and yours trully. It also says about the equipment used to make these formations, that with modern equipment it could still be difficult to make things like these with, etc. Nothing new. Megaliths, pyramids, ancient architecture, monuments from antiquity, structures that defy the passing of ages and natural disasters... Great minds, greater inventions, not something out of the blue! Modern man thinks he knows everything and owns everything, so he tries to explain things self-centeredly and on that basis, and always fails. That is why instead of getting answers, which in most cases are really simple, the questions get multiplied instead...

The alien stuff, or the occult with gods/deities/religions, as always, is heavily stupid. As for who constructed this underground settlement, any of the ancient people of the area could be eligible (that were technologicaly advanced enough to do it), but freyans/troyans, as the video first considered for possible candidates, were greek.
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