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I'm trying to get access to the script in the .pak files. I have the 5.0.6 and 5.0.8 versions. Neither seems to work the way I'd expect.

I'm on XP and using the Steam version (1.21) in case that matters. I have ArxPak installed in its own folder ont he root of my drive, but I have also put a copy in the Arx game folder too.

When I run both of them, the first thing they ask me for is the directory where Arx is installed. I navigate to my Steam Arx folder and select it. It takes a long time before anything appears on my screen, but once it does, the tree on the left is the entire structure of my c: drive. Why did I need to specify my Arx folder if it was going to show me the whole drive?

I use the tree to navigate to the Arx folder again. I find one of the .pak files I'm interested in and right click it and select 'Extract All data'. It throws up a dialog box asking me 'Extract where?'. I find c:\temp and tell it to put all the files in there.

It then proceeds to process every single file on my c: drive. It takes forever. At the end it throws up a report on every single file I couldn't do anything with. When I go to my c:\temp folder, there is nothing in there.

What is going on, what am I doing wrong?