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Ok, I don"t prefer to kill the Ice Dragon,
because I love dragons. Got some statue's here at home.

But it seems it's easier to finish this quest in ARX.

I'm using: Fireballs against it (because it's an Ice Dragon)
I'm still not having an explosion of that animal.
For the rest: I do: level 14 strenght damage with swords.

Dam, can't kill that stupid dragon.

Otherwise: what must I do, to solve the payment of one of his little eggs ?
What's the price ???

Something like 20.000 of gold pieces or so ????
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The dragon has a large number of hit points. Just keep attacking and evading his ice attacks and he'll die eventually - but stay close enough so that he doesn't use paralyze.

I don't know the exact number of gold required to pay him off, but it's said in the game somewhere. Anyway, you don't actually need to know the exact number, just have at least that much, then double-click your gold pouch and then click the dragon.
You need at least 4815 gold. This information is found in a book in the castle library but reading it is apparently not necessary. As dscharrer says, double click the gold pouch and then click on the dragon. You have to be close enough to the dragon in order to pay it (within the usual range where a character lights up for talking to and so forth).
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Read the book in Arx Kingdom Library, with one of the snakewomen in it. You either carry the sum on you to trade for the egg, or have a really long battle with the dragon. Love it or not, by killing it, you gain dragon bones (a great material to enchant weapons with when powdered), plus some gems, a lot of money etc. Besides the huge xp of course. Personally, i did the golden ylside/demon alia trick, and by killing it i got lord inut 's sword. There went one of the three dragon bones for enchantment, no-brainer. With the shield of poxsellis, and the complete ylside armor set, Akbaa at the end is like a weak little bugger.

There are some other items that can be enchanted, while they should not (because of them being unique items), like helm of the ancients (poxsellis' helmet?), which you find at the bottom of the crypt. Most enchantments work for weapons, though, or armor that is not enchanted already (like those special pieces that glow, or the mithril set). And dragon bones is the best offensive one. You shouldn 't miss it. Let the dragon be loved in our memories. Definately worth it.

The dragon like all dragons, is highly resistant to magic, even fire. Without melee specialization, most of your hits won 't penetrate his thick hide to deal damage at all. I played a jack of all trades character, with only enough strength to wear ylside armor, lots of magical talents (50 for the mana regen/enemy spot one, 100 for casting, 16 for the governing stat or more, i do not remember that now), and used Incinerate, not fireball, a couple of times. Then swordplay and heal. Mainly evade by running away, hacking once or twice with full strength on it from afar with the down button pressed for directional strike, and running away again. If you cannot beat it head on, just outsmart it. Thankfully, all those wonderful spells this game has, helps you do just that. If you can maintain it, a 10-15 seconds of life drain could weaken it a lot, too. With those choices, and many more you can invent/utilize yourself, nothing can go wrong.

This is a game that neither pure caster nor pure warrior has an easy time with. It calls desperately for a crossing of playstyles. Even a weak fireball at the right moment, outdamages a heavy sword slash anytime. Similarly, a good -although somewhat mediocre- weapon swing, can deal much more damage to a demon -for example-, than your most powerful spell (the demon happens to be highly resistant to fire, your mostly used and heaviest damaging magic attack type). Last but not least, do not forget to be creative with the spells, or the carefully measured combination of spellcasting/melee (example: bless + harm + life/mana drain +/or negate magic and swordplay, or fireball + incinerate + generic damaging spell and then finish of with melee strikes... Even liches and ylsides become like imbeciles when fighting against you, and then you are become creative with the attacks and combinations you can unleash on them).
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