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This is a spoiler so read at your own risk!

Recently made a second playthrough. My first playthrough were were I almost beat the game but somehow forgot to play it further and I would be totally lost if I jumped into it again since some time had past.

Anyway when making into the Golem room i got stuck even though I managed to figure it out before in my first playthrough. The note i got from one of the Akbaa priests said the first locks the second. I ran around hours in the golem room without figuring out to do, i did get the golem on the pressure plate and entered the security code but then got stuck. I thought the note meant the rooms because there were three rooms but appearently after going online for a while it apparently meant the doors in the first hallway to the locked door.

I forgot that there were even a first door there, I feel so stupid! The puzzles in this game does make even the hardest games seem easy.
Post edited May 21, 2022 by klappis