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Hello everyone,

Arx Libertatis contributor here.

We've noticed that some folks running development snapshots have had their game crash right after looking into the telescope in castle Arx, and it's appeared often enough for long enough to warrant attention.
This bug can be also encountered after any cinematic (hand drawn sequence), and the crash reporter may show:
Assertion Failed at OpenALBackend.cpp:395: isallfinite(position) , where the number can be also 384, depending on the version of AL running. Please note that this happens only in development snapshots.

We'd very much like to fix it, but none of us can reproduce it and it's still happening to people. That's where you come in. If you have a save where this crash happens (preferably always), it could help us fix it, as crash reports themselves don't contain enough information for us to find out where is the root of the problem.

Thanks in advance,
- bsxf47
Post edited April 05, 2017 by bsxf47
The issue has been identified and is now fixed in current Git. The patch will be in the next development snapshot of Arx Libertatis.

Disabling mouse acceleration is a usable workaround for now (disabled by default).

Many thanks to Ksso for helping us find the root cause.
Post edited April 16, 2017 by bsxf47
Nice, thanks.