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Hey dudes, I've got a problem with the font in the spellbook and questbook... every letter that is in these is blinking like hell. This happens when I "install" the 0.02 or 0.03 unofficial patches (which change the font as their notes suggest), the 0.01 makes no difference in performance for me by the way so I don't use it. Also I've noticed that theres a font problem even without these patches, in the credits menu and the save/load menu there are "little squares" for letters... you know when your PC doesn't recognize the letters at all.

I just remembered that I've got *another* problem also, the sound/voices of the in-game cutscenes loop many times over themselves. This happens only at the cutscenes like when you meet the guard in the human outpost or when you enter the city of Arx for example, not the ones like the intro or the jail in the beginning. In other words, it happens only in the cutscenes which do not belong exactly "in the main engine of the game"... don't know how else to call it. Sorry, but this game is VERY buggy... even with the 1.21 patch.

Anyway, thanks in advance!
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