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Question, is there any known guide (or any books in the libertatis game) that explains how to use some of the items you find.

I remember the RPGDOT guide giving you an in depth crafting explanation of what each combo does, but thanks to libertatis adding items, I'm not sure what everything does anymore, I know that Dwarven crafting tools can turn rat hides into leather, and that 2 of these leathers make a jerkin (and also destroys the tools if you do all in one go) but is there other ways to use the crafting tools? Is there a way to make weapons now as well?

Anyone know of a guide or point me in the direction of finding this stuff out, its one of the few things I haven't found documented in the wiki or guides.
Arx Libertatis does not add any items. Anything different from your guide must have been changed with the official 1.21 patch or earlier patches.
AHHH, I see, I got Arx Extended installed, haven't played around with arx for the longest time and forgot about it.