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So when i was a kid i played Army Men World War.. its the only Army Men game i had on PC and i was too young to shop for pc games (most of my PC games were random gifts, games i saw and wanted while shopping with parents or game i heard about) so playing the other ones wasnt an option..

I liked world war but i wanted to try army men 2 because i heard its the best in the series... I tried to do some research but theres barely any reviews for either games online (for world war all i found was a horribly written review from IGN in the year 2000)

So i come to the GoG community, army men sub-community... If you played both games, which did you prefer and why?

I know nostalgia plays a strong part in people's opinions here - i mean, its literally "good old", the whole store is based on nostalgia for old PC games - but i would prefer opinions based on the game itself than "oh i really enjoyed this one as a kid, its the best game ever!"

Thanks. Hopefully i get to blast some Tans soon!
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I know I'm over a month late in responding to this, but here goes nothing.
Keep in mind I haven't played these games in YEARS...

The first thing that springs to mind when comparing these two games is (IIRC) you aren't using Sarge in AM:WW.
This is kind of big deal as Sarge is the star of the Army Men series. Without Sarge it's like watching a direct to TV spin off on an action movie where they replace the big star and thinking it's just as good as the real deal.

From what I remember, AM:WW has a little better graphics (maybe higher resolution?) but looks about the same over all. So this isn't the determining point.

Since you've already played World War you know the game play. I seem to recall they had upgraded the way you control the men in WW. I might be wrong on that. but it's pretty close either way.

I'm going to lump in levels here.
I remember thinking that the levels in WW where more bland (blander?) than AM:II. Not to say they were bad, but that they (the levels) had less personality, if that makes sense.

This is where the rubber meets the road. Army Men II has an excellent cheesy story told very well for an Army Men game. It's the game where they make Sarge into a real character instead of just a default protagonist. Follow along as you fight against the evil Tan, keep your men alive (if you can) and even fight zombies? Well sort of anyway.

Essentially the story and characters are a lot more fun in Army Men II.

So I'd rate Army Men II 15 out of .5
Cool story with neat cutscenes and fun characters throughout.

And World War gets 7.. just 7.
Generally duller story and characters. Less fun but not the worst of the bunch.

Also on a side note Toy's in Space is the worst of the 'strategy' Army Men games.