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Hello all,
Fifteen years late, but I downloaded Arcanum from GoG and played a bit of of it, really engrossing so far! I'm on Windows 7, and applied the Unofficial Patch, and renamed draw.dll, and got it to run in a window. I'm running two monitors, so I'd like to be able to move my mouse out of the window and interact with Chrome (or whatever), but it seems even though Arcanum is running in a window, the mouse is locked inside. In other words, I have to Alt Tab to go back out to the desktop and other programs. Anybody know if there is a way to make the mouse free floating? As an example, when I play WoW in windows mode, my mouse can still leave the game to go interact with the desktop. Thanks in advance!
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You may want to try DxWnd.
It should be able to do what you're asking for... supposing that it could run the game.
Thanks - I downloaded DxWind, not quite sure how to load the game in it?
Ruvan22: Thanks - I downloaded DxWind, not quite sure how to load the game in it?
I'm not familiar with it: I've never used it, so I can't help you. Anyway here you can read a simple guide.
Hmm thanks Dr. 0- I checked the link and it looks like you need an import file to run the game in DXWnD. Cursory googling didn't turn anything up, as I may just need to play it separately.