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what alignment do you have to have for him to join? i seem to recall getting him once as a slightly evil follower and having him desert in combat, but this most recent time with -41 alignment, im doing the tax collecting quest but he wont join me because im too evil.
I believe you need to be either neutral or good aligned. You also have to not say anything bad about Dernholm or King Praetor when you first meet him. He likes his kingdom a lot.
the only reason i wanted him to join my group was because i wanted to arm him with a shitty weapon like a knife or a piece of pipe or something, and have him suicidally charge the shotgun-wielding guard outside the Mayor's house and then say "dante fuck you" at the last second and let him get blown away without the guards aggroing me while i bust out a window on the other end of his patrol route and slit the Mayors throat as he sleeps.

but as it turns out, Dante refuses to fight guards except in self defense. he wont even kill the Mayor who is a traitor to his precious little shithole kingdom. so i did the same thing, only without Dante killing himself, and it still worked, but it was less cool.

i gave 10 coins to a beggar 240 times for nothing :( (it takes 50 gold to lower your alignment by 1 point, and you can only give it to him in increments of 10. of course, after you do all that, shooting his head off and taking your money back still only lowers your alignment by 1.)
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