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Jojobobo on the Terra-Arcanum forum wrote a bang up guide for all you Mac users out there. Check it out.


So I thought I'd stop being such a waste of space and actually try and contribute something worthwhile by making a guide of how you can get Arcanum running on a mac legally and easily using a Wineskin wrapper. I'll make it as simple as possible for new mac users, and if anyone has any alternate legal ways of installing Arcanum on a mac then they can stick them here as well as any other tweaks to make the game more playable on a mac.

Installation Guide

1) Download a legal digital copy of Arcanum, I would recommend getting it at GOG and navigating to that site through the GOG tab on this forum as if you do terra-arcanum gets a small commission that helps cover running costs. I did try installing the game through my own hard copy but when it came to changing disks I couldn't get my mac to recognise the second disk - hence why I say you should get a digital download (if anyone has a way of installing it from the disks on a mac it would be much appreciated if you could share it). The GOG copy doesn't require a disk to be played, which means you don't have to download a crack or anything like that to get it working as you might with some games you play through a Wineskin wrapper.

2) Download a Wineskin wrapper for the game (they are free and safe to use), I would recommend the one from Paul the Tall's website which I'm going to assume you're using for the purposes of this guide. What a Wineskin wrapper essentially does (from my understanding) is make a little bubble of something that operates like windows on your mac - this is completely legal as Wine itself uses none of windows source code nor was it reverse engineered from it.

3) Open the Arcanum.dmg file you downloaded from Paul the Tall's website, and literally left click and drag the icon for Arcanum (which is called a Wineskin wrapper) onto your desktop (I wasn't used to the mac interface of doing stuff like this when I tried to install Arcanum, so this took me a little while to figure out, maybe I'm just a bit slow). Double click on this Wineskin wrapper and when prompted to point the installer to the your setup.exe you downloaded and go through the motions of installation as per usual.

4) Right click on the Arcanum Wineskin wrapper and go on show package contents. Double click on the Wineskin app found within and select "Advanced", then find the executable in the artificial C drive directory the package has made (mine is /GOG Games/Arcanum/Arcanum.exe). Once this is done, double click on the Wineskin and the game will play - it can be docked or put wherever you want it like any normal application. Enjoy.

Notes: I'm not entirely sure if you need Wineskin Winery or Wine itself already installed (I had already installed them before installing Arcanum) so that the game runs, but if you find you do they're also both free. If anyone can clarify this matter, do say.

Drog's UAP

To install Drog's patch (found in the download's section here) simply copy and paste the patch.exe somewhere into the artificial C drive by again going onto show package contents for the Wineskin wrapper to access it as per step 4. Then using the same method in step 4 (selecting "Advanced" in the Wineskin app) change what is the path to game.exe to wherever you've put the patch.exe and quit out of the Wineskin app. Double click on it and the patch installation will be launched, once this is done change the exe path back to that of the game.exe and you can run the now patched Arcanum. I presume this method can be used for any patch you want to install.

Tweaks To Aid Gameplay And Gameplay Notes

The KeyRemap4MacBook app (which is also free) allows you to designate a key for "forward delete" not found on most mac keyboards, which is useful as it allows you delete waypoints on the world map. Unfortunately it doesn't allow you to have numberpad that the game recognises so transferring amounts in game can be a bit slow (bullets, fuel, etc.) - if I find a solution for this I'll post it up. Also if you hadn't figured it out, the cmd key takes the place of alt (as in it allows you to attack objects when held) on a mac.

Other Installation Methods

1) Use Boot Camp to partition your hard drive and so that you can have access to your mac OS and windows OS on one machine (detailed here) - then install and play as you always would. The main drawback of this is you have to have a windows OS to install in the first place, and you have to select which OS you're running when you boot up (i.e. you can't have both running at once).

2) Use a windows emulator - legal ones again require a valid windows OS (e.g. VMware Fusion, Parallels).

3) Use CrossOver - essentially a tooled up version of Wine which you have to pay for. I don't have CrossOver so I can't really be specific on how the installation process would work, there's more about that specifically for Arcanum here on the codeweavers website. They'll also be a way to run the game through Wine, but really Wineskins are easier as someone has already done the hard work for you.

Of course, why you would ever buy additional software and/or an additional OS when you can just buy Arcanum from GOG and run it legally and freely using the method I outlined is beyond a skinflint like me! Hopefully this will have been some use to someone, if the guide is confusing at any point or I haven't used the correct nerdy computer jargon then let me know and I'll change it.
Thanks for the commendation, though honestly most of the stuff (apart from how to install patches) was off Paul the Tall's website, with a few updates due to his Arcanum video being out of date (his other videos aren't, so it's pretty easy to watch one of those and figure out what to do). Saying that, KeyRemap4MacBook is a bit of a godsend and would probably be applicable to a lot of games on GOG when playing on a mac where there isn't a straight forward way to remap keys and your mac doesn't possess the appropriate keys.

PS I've titled myself Jojobobo for clarity, honestly I am the same person but my GOG account is quite old!
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Honestly, I feel a lot of sympathy for the people who do have macintoshes purely for the reason that there are so many wonderful games that might not work for you guys. I imagine it's like only being able to watch your friend listen to Beethoven. Breaks my heart, it does.
I made some updates to my original guide - follow the link in the OP to see what changed (it's not letting me post links for whatever reason, maybe because I'm a new user). I would copy and paste everything, but there's little point. Enjoy!
Hi ! It works great, patches for playing in french work also, so it's cool ! but there is a little problem : i can't play the game in fullscreen - it's in fullscreen, but left and right sides of the screen are just black, the picture doesn't fill all the screen. And it's the same when i play icewind dale 2, or everygame pc game launched with wineskin... My graphic card is a NVIDIA GeForce 320M 256 Mo - i don't know what to do, nobody seems to have this problem ! i tried to change resolution but it doesn't do a thing... I need help !


Pall the Tall now uses CrossOver I think, which as far as I know is commercial. I updated my guide over at Terra Arcanum with the necessaries on how to install it yourself for free, see here:
A class act, you are. As always.
I really can't thank you enough for posting this. I absolutely loved playing Arcanum when it came out and went back and played through it a few times. But I got the hankering to play maybe four years ago and spent hours trying to figure out how to get my mac to play my old discs before giving up. I then tried again three years ago and two years ago and last year. My mistake was googling stuff "how to play old PC games on a mac" which invariably led me to complicated bootcamp, dosbox, virtual machine sort of stuff, which involved complicated coding and whatnot.

Your method was Arcanum specific, elegant, and easy. Thank you so much!

I'm going to spend the next week reliving my childhood, and then again next year and the next. You're the best, man. Really.