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I concur with seelenernter.

Obsidian's prestige went downhill after they are done with New Vegas, none of their titles ever had the quality of aforementioned, let alone compare those with NV, Obsidian is simply not an adequate enough company at polishing/bug fixing even newly released titles which are quite obviously seen for Tyranny and PoE (dated mechanics, bore-fest gameplay and redundantly far-fetched dialogues for eye-candies).

In the first place, it's an insult to Arcanum making appeals to Obsidian. If there is one company that is gonna make the sequel it should be one like Larian Studios. Only then, I knew from the beginning that it IS gonna rock for sure!
Personaly would I like warhors studios to get the IP. I think they would have the guts to stay true to some of the more tabo aspekts of the setting. They are more then competen at story telling. They make real rpg's. And the gameplay is good. Not very simulare to the origenal, but the combat and grapics was not exatctly Arcanums selling point. So I don't think thats as important as the writing and lore. Maby they could start with a remake (not a reboot) of the original and then make an sequal after. Becuse there are too few pepole who have playd the original.