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Hi. I currently want to play through the game with the Idiot dialog, however I also want access to the Teleportation spell as a QOL improvement later on in the game. Through the use of the ancient archaic character editor, I found out that you need to have 5 Intelligence and 18 Willpower to cast Teleportation even if you cheated to obtain Rank 5 in Conveyance without the prerequisites. The Idiot dialog options are only available to a character with 4 or lower Intelligence. One solution would be to use the Idiot Savant or Frankenstein backgrounds, which give you the Idiot dialog. However, it appears that there's also an Intelligence check independent of your background when writing Journal Entries. 4 and below makes you write stupidly, and 5 and above makes you write normally. So, my dilemma is this: I want to have the Idiot dialog, the Idiot journal entries, and the Teleportation spell. Is this possible at the same time? I have a feeling it's not, and I'll simply have to take Idiot Savant and Frankenstein, but I'd like that added touch of the idiot journal entries. Any insight would be appreciated. I would not mind cheating in other ways to obtain fast travel, so any ideas on that would be cool too. I also would not mind hammering out a slightly modified custom background version of Idiot Savant or Frankenstein that makes you write stupidly, but I wouldn't know where to start. Ok, I think that's it, Thanks!
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Have low int and use the potion of intelligence to use teleportation when necessary?

I can't remember if there's an int requirement on scrolls, but that may be another option to workaround.
oh! that's a pretty good solution. I'm going to test around with it. I might not even need to resort to cheats
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update, if anybody out there is interested:

I eventually got around to this, and it does indeed work. once you have the adequate Level and Willpower, you can drink a potion and allocate points into the spell line. once you have Teleportation, you can drink another potion and cast. I believe you only need 5 Intelligence to cast Teleportation, so I think this method would work with the dumbest of the dumb. I did Half-Ogre with Beat with an Ugly Stick, so my Intelligence is 4. this also works if you want to pop off some Harm cheese if you're in a bind in combat, but you have to be mindful of inventory management.

so using this method you can have both fast travel and idiot journal entries

edit: also, yes, scrolls require 5 Intelligence
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Thanks to let us know! I have never done an idiot run, and I just might now.
as an aside I figured I'd note that even with abysmally low Beauty, imbecile Intelligence, average Charisma, Half-Ogre breeding, and not points allocated into Persausion, the game is by far just as playable than my runs with characters built to absolutely nail the dialog challenges in the game, you just have to put up with a lot of very pissed off people who'll more likely than not ultimately work around your awfulness. I find it actually surprising considering what I've heard over the years
If you know what you're doing, you can play Arcanum any way you want. More importantly, the game changes because of it, and there are so very many ways to play.