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but this game seriously need to have the soundtrack to download
l0rdtr3k: but this game seriously need to have the soundtrack to download
Try this - Soundtrack
seems like the files are not online anymore. I also tried the download links provided by the composer (i can't post links so just google "ben houge arcanum"), but they lead to the same domain, so no luck here. it would be nice if somebody of you could share the files or provide a valid link to them.

many thanks :)
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I think these are the same lower-bitrate files as you'd find in the game's data directories, though, rather than the higher-bitrate ones Terra Arcanum was hosting.
thanks! i also reported that the download section at terra arcanum is down. perhaps it will get fixed soon.
Much of the site is down temporarily; the front page promises a return, but doesn't give a target date.