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(Note: this will probably end up being copy-pasted throughout dozens of these game forums. This certainly isn't to spam people or cause problems, but I'd like to create an organized GOGMix of info, and I have to get people's attention to do that.)


I'm working on two GOGMixes - one that contains info on where people can download full, high-quality game soundtracks that are not on GOG; and one that shows where people can find the game music in the installed folders (and, if necessary, shows how to extract the music, like Unreal and UMX).

I need your help to point me where the best version(s) of the Arcanum soundtrack is or are online. (Is it still or NO TORRENT LINKS, PLEASE) Also, can someone confirm that the address to the in-game music is indeed .../Arcanum/modules/Arcanum/sound/music?

Consider voting if you feel these mixes would help others enjoy the great music. (They're kind of hidden right now.)
I haven't tried it since I'm on my Mac right now and the download is an .exe (probably a zip executable), but this seems like where I got it long ago.