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(Note: this will probably end up being copy-pasted throughout dozens of these game forums. This certainly isn't to spam people or cause problems, but I'd like to create an organized GOGMix of info, and I have to get people's attention to do that.)

1. http://www.gog.com/mix/games_without_soundtracks_and_where_to_find_some
2. http://www.gog.com/mix/game_soundtracks_within_installation_folders

I'm working on two GOGMixes - one that contains info on where people can download full, high-quality game soundtracks that are not on GOG; and one that shows where people can find the game music in the installed folders (and, if necessary, shows how to extract the music, like Unreal and UMX).

I need your help to point me where the best version(s) of the Arcanum soundtrack is or are online. (Is it still terra-arcanum.com or sierrahelp.com? NO TORRENT LINKS, PLEASE) Also, can someone confirm that the address to the in-game music is indeed .../Arcanum/modules/Arcanum/sound/music?

Consider voting if you feel these mixes would help others enjoy the great music. (They're kind of hidden right now.)
I haven't tried it since I'm on my Mac right now and the download is an .exe (probably a zip executable), but this seems like where I got it long ago.