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So, everything has been fine thus far playing Arcanum, using recommended mods such as those for screen resolution and the unofficial patch. No problems and everything was going so well...

...until I arrived at the Dark Elven village of T'Sen-Ang.

Following the main quest, I start interacting with M'in Gorad and after a few lines of conversation with her, crash to desktop. Tried killing her and looting the note off her corpse with the info needed to continue the quest line, but doing that produced another crash to desktop.

Same happens if I try to help the half-ogre slaves by killing T'val N'or. I can talk to him, cast spells and attack him, but as soon as the killing blow is struck, you guessed it... crash to desktop.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced similar problems and might have any suggestions? I've thoroughly enjoyed playing Arcanum so far, so it would be a shame if the experience ends here, as I've tried lots of different things in-game at this location and without any luck.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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Seems I have found a way around the aforementioned problem...

Reinstalled the screen resolution mod, chose 800x600 instead of 1920x1080 I was using. Played through the section without problems.

Have since reverted to 1920x1080 resolution and back playing smoothly, so seems it may have just been a glitch with the resolution mod in that section of the game.

As such, or until the next glitch (haha), problem solved!
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I've been having a lot of crashes to desktop lately out of nowhere seemingly, even with the unofficial patch installed. Maybe this will help with that since I'm also using the screen resolution mod. Thanks for the update. :)