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Hello guys,
this is the first time I post on the GOG forum, but I've already got a quite good experience on Arcanum.
Yet, I never tried to play as an evil technician, so I began recently a new game.
Since I am now at level 10 and with a 35+ tech attitude, Virgil is becoming a pretty useless follower.
I searched on the main walkthrough sites, but it looks like that for evil-aligned technician there are not good healer followers, so I'm here to ask you if there are any way to have one.
Does Jayna care a lot about the character's behavior? Or maybe any of the other evil/neutral follower has got a good Healing skill?
There is no evil tech healer. Only Jayna, but she's good, so she will not like you being evil.
You could use a medical arachnid, they heal quite well and don't count to followers.

Or mod the leveling scheme for Virgil.