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After complete the game, I watched my ending (the good one I assume). The problem was i couldn´t see videos related with my quests (just the Shrouded Hill, Dernholm and the one with the lizards men). I mean, I know I didn´t can unlock all of them, but I´m level 45 and I almost complete all the quest that i found. For example, I saw in youtube the Blackroot´s Ending and I completed the related quest (the one with the taxes), but in my game I didn´t see the video.

I don´t know if is an issue or is "as designed", but i feel very disapointed after spending hours and hours playing. A very poor end.

Ps: As old school player, I remember the endings of both Fallout, I know they were similar but... I don´t know...

Sorry for my gramma mistakes, I´m not english native.
Apply the unofficial arcanum patch.