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when I started my travels to dernholm for a early quest I dont see it on the map, this happens to tarant. I'm currently using the unoffical patch. Is this a bug or I need to something first.

edit shroaded hills shows up but not the others
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You can get Dernholm and Tarant locations by talking to people in Shrouded Hills.

Some map locations show on the world map after you talk to people (usually when you get a quest in that location), some can be only found by walking in their vicinity (detection distance is defined for each location and it can be zero, i.e. you have to enter the location to make it visible on the map) and some don't show on the map at all.
The in-game explanation for this is that you're from another continent entirely, and while you do happen to have a map, specific locations won't stand out to you until either you happen across them, or someone else points them out.
sorry for the the late reply. The problems seem to be that I have to go right on top of the location in order to discover. thanks for the help.