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I am thinking about buying ingredients cheap, making some good items out of them and selling them back at a profit. Is this possible, or the cost of ingredients will always be higher than the money I get by selling the crafted item?
Is this possible at lower levels? If yes, then how should I build my char? What items should I aim for? I know that for end-game characters, money is not a problem, but I am really low on funds with my low level techo/gunslinger.
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I made money by crafting flash grendades, im sure its dependent on some charisma or other bonuses (alltho i had nothing in haggle) but i don't see why it shuldn't work for you :)
Yes, you can definitely make money on crafting, though I haven't been playing long enough to know which items give the best return. (I'm guessing probably smithy, since the armor shop guy in Tarant always seems to give me the best prices on everything, but I haven't taken any ranks in it yet.) Some craftable items just don't give you enough profit to be worth it, unless you have access to a lot of raw materials and can sell them in bulk. (E.g. I think my profit on charged rings, with a rank in haggle, was something like 20-30 gold each. Given that you're only likely to be making one per day, it's just not worth the effort.)
Yes, you can make profit by crafting. IMO best disciplines are Explosives (Flash, Smoke, Stun and Explosive Grenades) and Mechanical (Eye Gear!). Gun Smithy is not bad either (Hand Crafted Flintrock, Fine Revolver).
from http://www.gamefaqs.com/pc/914155-arcanum-of-steamworks-and-magick-obscura/faqs/63974

all crafting listed here is very easy to find components for and provides
something very beneficial
any decent craftsman buys the schematics for bullets and fuel as soon as he
sees them at a merchant!

gunsmith final level allows elephant gun. The hunting rifle can be purchased
in almost any gun shop, and the large pipe is commonly found in trash bins.

smithy level 2 allows balanced sword. Components commonly sold at merchants.

smithy level 3 allows featherweight axe, made easily into the amazing
pyrotechnic axe

electrician level 2 allows charged rings, +2 DEX each. Components commonly
sold at merchants.

electrician level 5 allows +20 DR helmet. Components commonly sold at

explosives level 1 allows molotov cocktail, an excellent grenade. Also gives
enough expertise to make bullets. Components commonly found in trash and
sold at merchants.

explosives level 4 allows stun grenades, which are extremely good in combat
and profitable to sell. Components commonly sold at merchants.

explosives level 5 allows explosive grenades, which are good in combat and
extremely profitable to sell. Components commonly found in trash and sold at

mechanics level 4 allows eye gear, which is useful to gunslingers and quite
profitable to sell. Components commonly sold at merchants.
+1 to the above.

Eye Gear is cheap and easy to manufacture and some shopkeepers want to buy it for around 950gp

Selling Fine Revolvers is an easy early money as they are worth around 270gp each and revoler parts are easy to find.

After some time you will just ignore manufacturing as you will have a hefty sum pillaged from various quest locations (I'm past Quintarra now with about 50,000 gp + even more in the equipment and stashed loot)
Money grubbing for low level techies or how to earn a living from garbage cans.
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