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Hello, I currently own a Sweek GA200 Force vibration joystick [url=][/url] which I brought for Space combat games.

It works on my Windows 7 Computer and Wing Commander 3 Heart of the Tiger (Kilrathi Trillogy version) auto configured to the joystick perfectly, it works without fault with that game.

Now, Aquanox lacks a auto configuration feature so I attempted to manualy configure my joystick. I got very confused and I have failed multiple times in a attempt to get the Joystick functioning in much the same way Wing Commander 3 Runs
(Throttle controle for speed, Rudder controle for changing orientation, The X & Y Axis's for directional controle, HAT Switch for camera controle/Looking arround the Cockpit etc)

Could anyone provide me with a 'Dummies Guide' to manualy configuting a joystick?
I am not a Joystick gamer by nature, I have always played games with a keyboard and mouse. But since I now own a Joystick I do want to actualy use it with all my space combat games
(I own arround seven of them now.)

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
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I'm still looking for a answer, and after searching google. I'm not alone.
Anyone willing to help?
Hold on, I'm downloading the game now.
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I got my joystick working, here is what I've done:

* In the menu go to setup > controls > joystick set it to on.

* Go back one menu and go to Direction of View.

* For Left/Right select Joystick x-Axis.

* For Up/Down select Joystick y-Axis.

* Go back one menu then go to Direction of Movement > More.

* For Fwd/Back select Joystick Slider 0.

* For Left/Right select Joystick v-Axis.

* For Up/Down select any other axis as long as it isn't one of the above, it causes conflicts otherwise.

Set the buttons for firing weapons etc. as you like, this is pretty straightforward though.
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You are a LIFE SAVER!

I love you man, I really do.