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What Key? I bought this game yesterday (along with Aquanox 2) and when it gets to the menu and I press setup or singleplayer, it asks for a key. Has anyone got this key and will you give it to me or share it with me? I don't have the c:\users file in my installation folder. Help! Thanks!
Post edited December 03, 2022 by gmcgowan
This is still an issue in 2024!

Installed Aquanox from the Offline-Installer (Not GOG-Galaxy) freshly on a new Windows (11).

Installer runs with privileged/elevated UAC (as Administrator) and creates all the necessary registry and standard user files in the correct folders and directories

... it just does not 'create' a serial key.

When the user starts the game, the game asks for the key.

Hilarious that this was not really addressed properly over how many years?
Good day.

So you bought the game but need to pass the key check? (Yes, that's why you keyboard is acting weird on that slide.)

Here goes 5 keys:


For the record, those keys were published a long time ago on the internet AND you bought the game. So there is no harm to use them now.

I can guarantee that they are all valid keys.

Have fun.