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Hi all,

We have uploaded a new installer that will update your Aqua Kitty install to version 1.06. Please download the new installer at your earliest convenience in order to have the latest and greatest version of the game :) There have also been some updates to the manual, the newly updated manual is included in the installer and has been updated in the bonus goodies as well :)

Changes for version 1.06:

This update adds the ability for players to remap their joystick/joypad controls.

All of the instructions for remapping your controller can be found in the newly updated manual. The cfg file starts with 3 configs already included, default Xbox 360, Ouya controller and PlayStation 4 controller. You can add more controller types if desired as well as edit the existing ones. The game manual details in full depth how to go about setting the config file up, you can find it on the store page, and also in a folder called `extras` next to the game exe location.

Thanks and have a nice day :)
Thank you!
Much appreciated!
I can blow dust off my Competition Pro :)