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Down below we will add common problems and how to fix them:

- The game doesn’t download or start properly because of antivirus -

Most common solutions are:
- Go to your virus vault and ok the EXE known as either ProjectC och Apsulov.
- Uninstall the game, disable your antivirus, install the game.
- During the continous updates. Disable the antivirus protection and let it update
- In your antivirus programme, create an exception for the Apsulov.EXE (Maybe ProjectC.EXE.

DO NOT FORGET to enable your antivirus again after this procedure. Antivirus is important to you computers protection.

- The game crashes when opening the game and the unreal crash-reporting window appears -

Please update your graphics-card driver through the card manufacturer's website or through the cards updating client.
Apsulov: End of Gods is using a very new version of the unreal engine and older drivers might not be compatible with these.

- The game takes a long time to start and/or load -

Apsulov: End of Gods is created to avoid loading screens during gameplay and because of this the game might be stuck on a black screen for up to 2 minutes on the first startup. When pressing load game och new game the loading time might be up to 1 minute depending on what kind of hard drive and processor the computer has installed.

- What is projectC .EXE? -

During the early phases of the game before the game was named Apsulov, we called the game Project C. This name stuck with us for a long time and we haven’t had the time fix the naming conventions yet. We will resolve this issue as soon as possible.

- The game constantly crashes during gameplay. -

Your hardware might now be able to withstand the workload, overheating the system or something similar.
Please lower the graphics settings and try again

- Will the game be available for Mac OSX or Linux? -

No. We do not have any plans for this at the moment.

If you have tried to solve one of these problems yourself but are unsuccessful in fixing it, or found other technical issues, please contact us via message through our support page messaging (In the bottom), facebook, discord or through regular email.

For the fastest possible response we reccommend our Discord where you can discuss issues with us and our community 24/7.

Support links:


If you send a report via mail please include the problem you are having and your computer specs.
If you have problems finding your specs try the steps below:
1. On “Search programs and files” blank on Windows, type dxdiag and click the dxdiag
2. Save your computer specs as a text file (DxDiag.txt), using Save All Information button. Open that document, copy the information from the top all the way down to include sound devices and paste it into a mail.
3. We will check and send you back a recommendation.

Please include your own mail-address in the bottom of the mail itself so we have easy access to it.

All personal information will be handled by the support team of Angry Demon Studio. When the support ticket is closed all correspondence together with all personal information will be deleted.

Thank you for your patience // Angry Demon Studio