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I'm in the great tree and am continually poisoned with no antidotes. Once poisoned I am dead and no way to cure. Save scumming seems to be the only way but even then it is almost impossible. Saving every few steps is stupid and no fun. Up to now the game has been very good. Any help? Thanks
I'm going to have to quit. Poison just unbalances the game too much. There needs to be a spell available to heal poison before you get to the Great Tree. There aren't even any potions to cure poison. I know there is a shield much later in the game to protect against poison but that is just too late. Continual saving and reloading is just not fun. There is too much of it and gets boring. Something is needed to balance poison and there is none until the shield much later.
Personally, I don't recall not having enough antidotes throughout the game - have you been in the Dark Lantern -> Undersea Maze -> Sunken Ship? This is the route that I usually take after Gryphon's Keep and I think you can find enough of antidotes there, unless you actually used them all up. In that case I would skip the Elder Tree and go for the Barrier -> Temple of the Moon -> City of the Dead and come back with the anti-poison ship. It might be a bit difficult, but I think I took such direction before, so it should be possible.
There are exactly 5 antidotes in the Undersea Maze with no indication that you should save them for the next area.. There are no more antidotes in the game at all. The Great Tree is obviously meant to be the next place to go for a difficulty progression and skipping to a latter part of the game just to be able to finish an earlier part is really bad design. Thank you for your suggestion.. I will go online and find a walkthrough to locate the anti-poison shield, try to get it , then come back to the Tree. I don't like to do this because I like to follow the game designers intentions, but in this case the designers must have been out of their minds. Thanks again.
use the save editor
How would a save editor help?