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Hi everybody,

I know that the German localisation was great. Does anyone know, if there is a way to at least change the speech of the game into German?

Thank you!
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I am also on the lookout for a way for the German language.
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+1 for the german version. Would be great to see that here ;)

EDIT: An Edit after almost 3 months... Now, GoG sells officially in Germany, any Chance to get the german Version? :)
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Bought AoD yesterday in sale and didn't notice its lack of the German localisation.

I guess I won't play the English version, since some of the greatest passages haven't as much depth there (just think of the Black Gnarl's song / das Schmiedelied des Schwarzen Griesgrams, which in my humble opinion is much better performed by the German singer).

Please give us the German version, gog! :o)
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I think it would be possible for a fan translation to be done. Most of the strings seem to be kept in RES.000 (in the DATA folder in the Anvil of Dawn directory) starting at offset 0x4E0A. The strings can be easily replaced and then the game will have German text.

The problem however, is that because of how the files are read, you can't tamper with the length of the file. That is, you must keep the EXACT same character count while translating.


If the game has the English phrase "hello", then having "hallo" as the German translation string replacement would be fine because it's the same amount of characters.

However, if you had the English phrase "I have a sword", the german translation "Ich habe ein Schwert" (google translated) would not be allowed. The English phrase has 14 characters (including spaces) and the German phrase has 20 characters (including spaces).

You would need someone who is VERY talented in both English and German - because they would have to keep the same meaning and phrases of dialog/wording without changing the character count. I'm sure it can be done, but the vocab and language skills required would be pretty intense.

Hope this helps or gets someone on the right track anyway.
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No need for a fan translation: A german version of the game exists. I have bought the version back in the good old days. :) Here is podcast-demonstration:

@GOG: Do you want the corresponding files?
throgh, maybe you can upload them for us?
throgh: @GOG: Do you want the corresponding files?
Did you try to contact GOG directly? I suppose the right holders would be the same for the German files (Ubisoft), so legally I don't see any issue for GOG adding these files.
Hm the forum is somehow displaying "last update" as "Jan. 5, 2017", so the 2nd last post.

Hopefully this bump will fix it !

Edit: Yes, it worked.
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I've talked with JudasIscariot. Seems GOG has the files, but there's an "issue with the voices". So maybe it'll eventually get resolved, don't hold your breath though.
*still holding breath*
C'mon, give us the German dub already :D
If the "issue" is meant to be that some of the spoken text is still in english....then that is it what I also have as an issue.
I don't know if my original cd just don't want to give me all the files needed or if it is just broken with this but I'm fine anyways because it isnt that much or anoying XD

The song is in german :P

I also asked them about 2 years or so if they want a copy of my original disc but there was never a response sadly^^
This should suffice until GOG eventually gets around putting together and making the German-localised version officially available.
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mannefriedrich: This should suffice until GOG eventually gets around putting together and making the German-localised version officially available.
Thanks a lot, I'll try it out!
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