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Changelog for patch 1.0.1 (added 17 July 2017):

- You can now skip turn-ending animations with the fast-forward button
- Exiting a singleplayer game while your opponent is making their winning move will no longer trap you in purgatory, forcing you to watch your defeat over and over and over. Once you see the Victory or Defeat screen, your autosave will be removed.
- Fixed several rare Misfortune! errors related to app launching, saved settings, and adding turn commands while the turn is already ending
- It's possible there's another Secret Code out there somewhere
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Changelog for Patch 1.0.2 (added 24 July 2017):

- Hotkeys! Antihero remains a very mouse-driven game, so hotkeys are entirely optional.
- 'Mute Audio in Background' option. (This is on by default, but we had some requests to leave audio unmuted when the app is backgrounded.)
- Fixed a Gang animation glitch
- Various minor bugfixes
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Changelog for Patch 1.0.3 (added 31 July 2017):

- (Balance) Units can now move through their own guild house. This makes it easier to escape when an opponent tries to box you in with their thugs.
- (Balance) Traps in Guard Towers and The Palace get removed when the Palace is burgled.
- (Leaderboards) Skill leaderboards are now available for Casual and Live Match modes. The Skill leaderboards show your matchmaking rank value. We use a TrueSkill-like system for calculating player skill. Skill is not directly related to your number of wins - a player with a high number of both wins and losses may have a lower skill ranking than another player with a lower number of wins but very few losses. (The server has been calculating player skill since the game launched, so the skill values you see today account for all match history.)
- (UI) Transparent Buildings hotkey. While this key is held, buildings become transparent, making it easier to see where your opponent has scouted. (You'll need to add a keybinding in the Keyboard Controls dialog.)
- (UI) Clicking on an unscouted tile that you can't reach will show you the tiles you need to scout to get there, in grey.
- (Fix) -, ^, and \\\ can now be typed in Live Mode chat
- Several other minor UI tweaks and bugfixes
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Changelog for Patch 1.0.4 (added 04 August 2017):

- (Balance) Masquerade - initial Henchman starting locations have been moved to make Gangs less vulnerable in the early game.
- (Fix) Live Match - winning The Wharf with a Cargo victory point no longer results in an error.
- (Fix) Fix a rare login error that could occur on slow connections.
- (Fix) Enemy Business info panels no longer display the number of infiltrated Urchins if the Business is unscouted.
- (UI) On super-widescreen displays, the Casual Matches list no longer overlaps the matchmaking buttons.
- (UI) Infiltration notifications are no longer blurry.
- (UI) Biscuits are no longer from space.
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Changelog for Patch 1.0.5 (added 18 August 2017):

- (Game) When a Thug is selected, clicking on the Thug or his tile will bring up the Guard Tile prompt, allowing you to guard the tile that the Thug spawned on.
- (Controls) Right-click for Actions control option. When this is enabled, left-clicks will select characters (and show building info), and right-clicks will perform actions.
- (UI) Live Match chat can be muted.
- (UI) When Live Match chat entry is open, all chat history - that will fit onscreen - is visible.
- (UI) Casual Matches list: invite matches now have a little handshake badge to differentiate them from automatches.
- (Fix) Fixed a griefing exploit in Live Match.
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Changelog for update 1.0.6 (added 13 October 2017):

- This patch brings 6 new languages to Antihero. You can now play the game in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Polish, and Brazilian Portuguese!

- (Balance) "The Wharf" and "Big City" maps: additional scouted tiles near starting locations. (You're guaranteed to be able to scout your starting Trading House in a single action.)
- (Balance) "Palace" and "Big City" maps: add henchmen near starting locations. (You'll always have a Gang attack target on turn 1.)
- (UI) Multi-language support
- (UI) Show number of remaining bribes in the Upgrade screen
- (UI) Dozens of small UI improvements, tweaks, and fixes
- (Fix-hopefully!) A handful of players have reported the game's visuals will occasionally freeze while audio continues playing. I haven't been able to reproduce this, but I've added some code that hopefully mitigates it...
- This update also includes some behind the scenes work to prepare for some future content and releases but nothing that will impact your games.
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Changelog for Patch (added 08 November 2017):

Hello All!

* Excited to share that our new map - The Agency is now live along with some bug fixes, balance changes, and an awesome new character pack from the world of Armello!
* The Agency is all about bribery and getting those bribes delivered to the right people at the right time. Enjoy!
* Our new Armello DLC Character Pack contains 4 amazing characters from Armello!
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Changelog for Patch (added 04 December 2017):

* (Balance) Big City: fix player 1’s initially-scouted tiles
* (Balance) Big City: add a henchman between the two starting locations
* (Balance) The Agency: 2 estates, instead of 3
* (Balance) Live Match: randomize which player goes first
* (UI) Play a notification sound when a Live Match is found
* (UI) Fix menu layout on wide screens
* (UI) Brighter text colors for Live Match chat
* (Fix) increase HTTP timeout timers
* (Fix) Various memory-related improvements
* (Fix) Updated some Italian translations (thanks, BlueTrain!)
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Changelog for update (added 18 January 2018):

- (Fix) Remember camera zoom level between turns
- (Fix) Autosave when game is backgrounded
- (Fix) Fix crash in Online menu for players with absurd numbers of Casual Games
- (UI) "Fast-forward" button can be used to skip any animation (not just turn intro and outro)
- (UI) two rows of hearts for high-health characters
- (UI) Remember username in Login dialog
- (Windows, Mac) improved load times
- (Fix) Updated some German translations (thanks, xmanu!)
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Changelog for Patch 1.0.23 (added 24 September 2018):

* This update brings a new multiplayer/skirmish map, Russian and Japanese language support, and more!
* The Wharf was the very first multiplayer map I built, and it's probably the most divisive one in the game. It's smaller than average and requires 5 victory points instead of 6, and I've received complaints that it doesn't feel strategically rich enough. And I've been frustrated to see The Wharf not live up to its potential, because I like the theme and central gimmick.
* So! The Duelling Docks is a new map, and an improvement on the Wharf's formula. This time around there are two ships to duel over, as befits the map's name. The map is larger and has more twisty geography, and also quite a bit more stinky fish strewn about.
* Antihero has also gotten Russian and Japanese language support! A Chinese translation is in QA right now and should be appearing very soon.

* New map, The Duelling Docks!
* Fight for control of two steamships, and heaps of stinky fish.
* Japanese and Russian language support
* Text rendering improvements
* Various tweaks and fixes

* We welcome your comments and criticisms! The best way to get in touch with us is via the Antihero Discord server ( the Antihero GOG forums, or by emailing