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Djaron: Hello

I had 12 concurrent casual matches against matchmaking-assigned opponents... then since 2 days, my GOG antihero can't connect to the Antihero servers anymore because my version is too old.

1st it puzzles me because the casual match system go through sending data packs through email (so pop/smtp protocol of some sort); i can't understand why the need to change anything in the formatting of such data pack that could prevent communicating with another version

2nd if there are rule changes i can understand, but then, would the rule changes apply to currently pending games ? it sounds problematic

then third i can't help my worrying usual sefl to smell some bad thing coming... I mean it's not the first digital boardgame when devs treated GOG/DRM free customers as unimportant, neglectable and meaningless consumer base, not providing updates on par with steam version (btw this game neither use steamworks nor galaxy for its multiplayer function, it's already crossplatform and only relies on antihero user account created through one email adress)

but now it's not only that but as the multiplayer requires connection to their server, we can't even resort on playing between each drm-free players either, we are simply left out of the mp feature, at the very door, like stray dogs. Not forst time it happens, between the infamous League of Geek/Armello and the rather questionable "sorry i cant write down or pronounce your overly complicated dev studio name"/Gremlins inc.

Basically the mp function is not ensured or maintained anymore atm on Antihero, and the store page should reflect that: currently, you can't play anything but single player, so anyone who would purchase this game from now on would definitly be cheated on and lied to, which is, from a consumer's point of view, rather unpleasant to say the least

So i'd hope that GOG would enforce in their deal that both gamebreaking fixing updates and crossplay mp-feature-dependant updates would be delivered simultaneously for their customers and steam ones, otherwise, it would be clear to understand where it goes !
Does this still happen with version