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b00kworm: Same here ... I downloaded and installed the DLC, but cannot access the four skins in Skirmish mode, they show up as locked with a note that they're from a DLC. Downloaded and installed the DLC twice, but no use.
gamesfreak64: Maybe it's because of some some 'sloppy' programming that things dont work, as far is remember, a DLC should ask and check if the main game is installed, DLC can normally NOT be installed if main game is not detected :D
This DLC can be installed... also after uninstall all progress was NOT uninstalled ( must be floating in some users folder on the pc i guess)

Anyway, I have Guild of Dungeoneering and 2 DLC (other dev/publisher) , when it did not show up i asked the dev, he told me how to solve it, so the guild of dungeoneering dev seems to take his job serious and always tries to respond asap.

So i also asked this antihero dev at steam ( cause they love to be there at steam he;ping customers 24/7 apparently) .... but no reply

Maybe its because he is very busy , which is possible, but many other devs had time to help , it seems this one is pretty occupied elsewhere (steam).

I guess it might take a while before he notices us buyers here ... :D

Anyway, i also noticed on Steam that far to many devs simply do not answer (lazy or not interested) , there are dozens of games that have devs that never reply at steam (to busy or maybe not interested i dont know).... i created a list of those publishers/devs at steam that wont answer our questions so i can make sure i wont buy game from these publishers anymore, cause we customers have right to get support.

Please re-download both the installer for the main game and the DLC and re-install everything. When we released the DLC we updated the main installer for the game.

Also, make sure your antivirus software isn't interfering with the install process.
gamesfreak64: ????
forum is not accepting a reply...

anyway i had a long reply but the forum does not want to accept it and keeps loading.

whatever, problem is solved so this topic can be closed, thanks.
If the forum doesn't accept your reply when you are quoting someone then check your quote tags :)