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This game is truly ahead of its time in its storytelling qualities...not a single spoken word yet you are easily and completely drawn into the adventure of Lester and the strange and dangerous planet on which he suddenly finds himself. The music is perfectly crafted to fit the mood and the design of the alien world is deceptively simple and beautiful. The only question I have is how can anyone play this game without the sequel, "Heart of the Alien"? I believe it was only released on Sega CD which is a tragedy because if you have played this game and love it (as everyone does) I can assure you that you don't know the half of the story of Lester and Danusta, his alien buddy.
If you are reading this and have played Another World and have not seen Heart of the Alien, find it now (or at least watch the cinematics on youtube). The story of Lester is only the beginning...