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I wanna start to play Anno series. I never touch thoose, so i googled alittle. People recommending anno 1404 alot. Now i am thinking if i shall get earlier versions too. Or do you think its not so worth time spending on it? What you guys recommending?
Personally I really like 1701. There are some differences to 1404 so it's worth a try. Just start an easy game and play for some hours and you will see if you like it.

I was never really able to get into 1503 as the game mechanics seemed to be a bit different and I didn't want to look into the game so much, so I can't sa much about that.

1602 is a neat little game. You will instantly see that it is really old with limited content, it doesn't support modern resolutions or widescreen. The mechanics aren't as fleshed out and intuitive as in later installments but playing it for some hours and discovering the origins of the series was an interesting aspect. I also liked the music and the extremely rudimentary 3D-animated cutscenes.

So if you can get those games bundeled cheaply, give them a try. But don't expect them to be an as polished and fluent experience as 1404.

You may also try 2070 if you don't mind non DRM free games. In this game they almost perfected the gameplay mechanics.
1503 is my favorite. 1404 comes in a close second, I wish I could take its combat managment and plop it into 1503.
1503 is without a doubt an upgrade over 1602 in terms of content, but I felt it lost some of the charm 1602 had with the narrator/announcer's semi deep voice when mentioning events happening and the beautiful soundtrack composed in those rudimentary synths and samplers of the older days, though that might be my nostalgia goggles talking.

1701 and 1404 share a similar relationship as the previous two, though 1404 nailed a most interesting approach with the possibility of multicultural colonies, where the oriental settlements have their own tech tree similar to the regular occidental one we had throughout the series. Why would you want to mix both? Some islands have spices, indigo and quartz, which you require oriental buildings to produce those goods.

It can get a little confusing at first on getting started with your first oriental settlement though.