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Hello there! :)

I'm running Windows 10 Prof. with the latest updates and drivers on a 7700K + 1070. My system is very stable but for some reason I just can't get Anno 1701 to remain stable for a long peroid of time.
After something like 4 hours of gameplay the game suddenly crashes without any warning.

I have followed the steps that were provided by the support page and I've set the compatibility mode to "Windows 7", I'm running it as an administrator - still I keep on havin crashes without any error messages.

Has anyone else been suffering from the same problem?
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I have had the same problem. I have also done what you have with compatability etc. However, when it crashed this time it also erased all saved games as well as all auto saves.

My system has an Asus z97 pro MB, EVGA GeForce gtx 1070, 32gigs ram, I7 process.--more tha enough for this game to run smoothly.