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I am trying to create a skirmish game, and cannot seem to get it to work. I select the map, select the AI I want on the second team, and I don't want any AI on my team so I select myself, and it says that GOG Galaxy is not connected and I cannot procede past that point... yet Galaxy is running????

I have attached a screenshot of the screen, however, it doesn't seem to screenshot the GOG galaxy message. Not sure how to grab that, so anyway... what am I doing wrong here?
ss01.jpg (282 Kb)
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With no error on that screen I can't really help as much as I could if I knew what error exactly are you getting. From my point of view, this is perfectly fine lobby, with several slots closed. You need to enter a slot though, in order to start a game.

Also, you may have Galaxy running in the background, but "connected" and "running" are not the same things. Connected refers to Galaxy having connection to GoG servers. Please verify that you have not disabled the recently added option for GoG users that disables the connections completely. It's named "Online Features" and you can find it in Options -> Gameplay -> Interface. It should be enabled. If it already is, please try to catch the error you're getting, it would help me help you ;)