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Hi there,

thanks for the release on gog!

I did not download the game via gog galaxy and now everytime I start up the game it tries to connect to some online service. During this attempt, until the login error message pops up, I am unfortunately not able to navigate the main menu and proceed with playing.
So a quick question: Is it possible to disable this feature somewhere?

Best regards
It only connects to GOG servers, no other destinations. It is used to verify user credentials, download user data to display in player banners, achievements, leaderboards and so on.

It is currently not possible to skip that. I understand why you'd want to have such a feature though. I'll talk about this with the team on Monday, hopefully we'll be able to work something out. Shouldn't be too hard. Keep in mind though, that if you do turn off the connection attempts you will be unable to play multiplayer.
Wow, thank you for the very prompt reply!

I am aware of the consequences of disabling the connection attempts and currently this would be fine to me.

Thanks again for your attention and any help is highly appreciated :)
+1 it is very annoying every time you end up in main menu it tries to reconnect = freezes for 30 - 60s
This option is added in the newest patch, it's called "Online Features". Disabling it prevents the game from ever connecting anywhere.
Options > Gameplay > Interface > Online Features (scroll all the way down)
I'd also like to stop my games from trying to connect to the GOG server. I didn't really notice it until I was investigating a CTD. I'm using GOG Galaxy v 2.0.28 - Beta, and there's no option anywhere in the settings menus for "Online Features." Maybe GOG Galaxy needs an offline mode, or better yet a truly non-intrusive (no "ET, call home!" ) gaming experience.