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Hi all,

We've uploaded a file called "Patch 1.3.1" for the Windows version and we've updated the Mac DMG with Among the Sleep version 1.3.1. Please download either the patch or the DMG to get the latest and greatest version of the game.

Changelog for version 1.3.1:


Tweaked AI behaviour
Added camera effects & audio to some events
More consistent snow particles
Fixed some hiding places that were not as safe as they seemed
Fixed some drawers having strange behaviour because of objects stuck inside them
Fixed parts of the level being unintentionally visible through certain windows
Fixed some small objects falling through the floor
Improved visuals overall
Updated lightmap


Added fan-translations for Czech and Hungarian. (Thanks to everyone who participated!)
Edited some button labels to clarify meaning


Fixed some particles that did not disappear when reloading a level
Fixed some cases where objects disappeared when viewed from certain angles
Fixed some objects that clipped into the world
Fixed some vegetation materials not rendering properly on some Mac and Linux configurations
Small changes to menu layout
Removed several unneeded error messages printed to console
Optimized closet and forest level level

Thanks and have a nice day :)