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HI all,

We have uploaded a new patch for PC and a new Mac installer for Among the Sleep that will update your game to version 1.2. Please download either the patch or the new Mac installer in order to have the latest and greatest version of the game :)

Changes for version 1.2:

5.1 audio! You can now toggle between the different audio setups in the settings menu

Added Depth of Field, which can be toggled in the video settings menu
Fixed black lines across screen caused by dynamic light shafts not working on some OpenGL hardware. Added toggle button for turning them on/off in the video settings
Fixed artifacts with the memory field shader for some OpenGL hardware
Fixed occlusion bugs in the home level
Improved on the Teddy-light effect so the effect is more prominent
Improved/fixed multiple minor graphical glitches

Fixed camera being offset after you pick up Teddy at the end of the game in VR mode

Teddy will no longer block the player in a corner
Tweaked duration of several hints
Tweaked duration of several events
Fixed some events not starting correctly
Fixed a monster that would get stuck in various locations
Fixed several bugs in the save/load system
Star key will no longer get stuck at an unreachable location
Removed debug commands to skip cinematic events in the first level
The long drawer will no longer fail to retract when it should
A drawer in the forest level will no longer get stuck in its socket
Possible fix for the headless baby bug, where the camera is misplaced and stuck outside the childs body after you wake up in chapter 1
Added Turkish translation (Thanks to Fatih Altinci)
Updated credits with new names based on surveys from the Kickstarter
Video and language settings now only show an “Apply” button if there are changes to apply

Thanks and have a nice day :)