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Hi all,

Update 1.0.1 and a new Mac installer for Among the Sleep are now available for download! :)

V.1.0.1 Patch notes (from Krillbite Studio)

- Fixed progress getting wiped when selecting level from the main menu.
- Fixed long drawer becoming stuck in the box with the bottles.
- Fixed an object which was stuck in some geometry.
- Fixed physics properties of lamps in forest so that they come to rest after being moved.
- Fixed missing collision in a cupboard in the forest level.
- Improve collision in some places in the forest level.
- Fixed a commode missing collision in the closet level.
- Fixed missing option to rebind ‘Throw Object’ for gamepads.
- Fixed crosshair/hand icon’s depth in VR mode.
- Fixed some subtitles not matching the voice acting.
- Fixed some areas that were problematic for the AI.
- Fixed some holes in the world.
- Added a little something something for our backers.