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I've been playing for a couple hours, and up until now, the game has rendered as expected. Just after the scene at Tasi's house with the crib, upon returning to the "real world", the screen is covered by some sort of light display filter. Screenshots attached; the first one shows looking back into a lit area, the second one shows staring down a darkened tunnel. The combination of the filter and the darkness renders me completely blind; to move anywhere with any sort of direction, I have to turn around, stare at my last known light source, and walk backwards/strafe around in the opposite direction.

Attempted fixes:

1. Saving, quitting, and restarting the game;

2. Changing display settings.

3. Changing graphics settings.

4. Changing gamma settings.

Note that for a split-second before saving and exiting, the filter is removed, and the game renders properly momentarily.

Any advice would be appreciated.
capture1.png (72 Kb)
capture2.png (12 Kb)