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Well I am on the second mission of the french campaign and all is going well. I send my army to guard the front and start building, my settlement. But suddenly everyone of my french fusiliers start to shoot at my dragoons. This happens to both those fusiliers I got at the start and who survived until now and those who are currently behind my lines and being prepared for battle. Thing is all fusiliers created from this point onward are still on my side.. The traitor fusiliers also change colours on the minimap from blue to brown (isnt brown representing of all hostile forces of nature?), but other than that I believe everything stays the same. Their unit name still has France in it (altough that is true no matter what happens I think). Anyone got an idea what happened. I dont know if enemies can bribe my units, but I didnt see any enemy units like priests or so nearby.
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Do you have enough gold to support the troops? Fuisilers cost gold to maintain and rebell if you dont have enough. Otherwise I dont have a clue
This must be it 0.o. I distinctly remember going to 0 for a few seconds. Thanks man. Also damm this game would have benfited from telling you how much gold you are earning per minute vs how much you are spending. Like in supcom.
Haha yeah would be nice! You can atleast check unit information (think it is u on keyboard) and it will tell you how many peasents in mine you need per 1000 of that troop
Woah mind blown dude.