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So, I thought I make a new thread just to highlight this simple and flexible solution if the multiplayer is running too fast for you.

There's a program called 'BES that can limit how much a process is allowed to use of the CPU time. This is the single best solution for playing multiplayer on fast machines, I found. You only need BES, nothing else.

Basically, you can use this program to adjust the speed of the game, in real time! Just don't limit the process to more than minues '60', because over 60-65 seems to affect the game negatively (mouse feel, etc), otherwise it works smoothy with a lower value. This is not a dumb 'CPU killer' thus it doesn't heat up of your PC by 'killing' your CPU, nor does it cause other major issues like a CPU killer would.

I recommand starting with something like minus 50% CPU time for most modern PCs. If the game slowsdown too much later in the game (with many units), then just turn the limiter down by alt-tapping out of the game. But be quick, the game will kick a person that's alt-tapped after something like 15- 25 seconds.

I recommand running BES on all PCs connected, because some animations are not synced over the network (like waves, the blades of a mill). It's not really needed, though; it also complicates things a little more. Just remember that the game syncs to the slowest running PC.

How to use:

Start American Conquest > alt-tap out of the game > start BES > target > click on the American Conquest process > limit this > control... > start with setting the slider to 50-60% > start a multiplayer game > adjust limiter if needed. Enjoy playing multiplayer with your friends. I've personally tested the program on Win7 64-bit and Win8 64-bit thus far.

Direct link download:

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Great post! Someone should make this a sticky one.
I had purchased American Conquest but after running into the horrible speed issues I put the game down.

Re-downloading the game now then gonna try this solution and see if I can finally play.

Any way to have it work without needing to alt-tab and set it every time you launch the game?